Getting frightened

I am a rather timid person, there have been countless of times when I had been scared stiff. Before I get started on therapy and counselling I used to be very scared of nearly everything – the roar of the motor, the screeching of brakes, the bellow of thunder during the monsoon season, creepy crawlies, horror movie trailers, a frazzled teacher’s scream in school, the bottles of antibiotics, syrings and the IVs during my monthly hospital trips, even my mom’s big black foundation brush (I thought it looked really creepy then).

But there’s one incident that pretty scared the hell out of me at a greater intensity than the rest. It happened when I was about four or five years old. A clarification, not just at an instance, it happened quite a few times as a matter of fact.

It mostly happened during the night when I was about to go to sleep. Well, I never watched any horror movies or creepy things like that prior to this experience. But as I close my eyes I never fail to visualize this girl in my mind. She looks rather eerie to me. She was dressed in a white nightgown, her long black ann untidy hair hanging on her shoulders and down her waist, and her face, I have to say this, her face is totally white and really really scary. There were two huge gaping black holes at the place where her eyes should have been, and she was always grinning sinisterly at me. It was really terrifying and disgusting to me. So I would open my eyes and try to focus my gaze at something else in the room to pacify myself and make sure that I was still in reality. I didn’t dare to go to sleep until I got really very exhausted and my strength failed me. To make things even worse I find the curtains in the room equally crazy as well. My mom used to buy tons of fabric for the tablecloths and the curtains, and for some uncanny reason she preferred one which had the Sun in splendour print. I hated that really. It looks creepy. 



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