Some kind of adventure (Part 1)

Sometimes when a girl feels like it, she does crazy things.

Right now I can scarcely imagine how I can ever wake up at six in the morning, just pull on a pair of tights and some random long vest with bling blings and get out for a 10 km walk and back? (or perhaps a tad more than that, I didn’t bother to check) But for Abigail, this is what she does when she wakes up at irregular hours and can’t get back to sleep again.

So I started at the entrance of Punggol Waterway, and I started a slow jog along the tracks, just going on and on, knowing in mind that somehow it will lead to a destination (it always does, in different kinds of lovely surprises) (Actually I hope that for me Life can be like that, just go on and on, and some surprise will wait for you at the end, it always does. Or rather, is it that Life is already like that, yet I am oblivious to it still?)

So coming back usually during my evening jogs I just jogged on and on, no taking u turns, nothing, until I reached somewhere near Tampines Expressway, and then I either turn out to Punggol Plaza or just turn round and jog all the way back if I have enough determination to do so. But, but but, that Sunday morning I decided to take the road less traveled.

So basically I didn’t go in the usual direction. Instead I went the opposite direction I think… (sorry I’m just so bad at remembering roads and stuff, just bear with me as I try to re-navigate my way out)… well… I’m so ashamed to say, according to the map I am referring to right now, I think I was on the Sungei Serangoon Park Connector instead… (any kind souls please help correct me if I am wrong. Many thanks)

So well, I was walking on and on, and the morning air was cool and fresh, and peppered with a tint of that lukewarm scent of the grass. There was little wind, the canopies of trees shielded the sun and the bushes and grass patches around the tracks were littered with leaves, some golden brown, some still in the prime of their lush green, some limp and soaked in murky puddles, all that, and there are fallen petals, some white, some yellow, rolled up into creases and lifeless among the humus and mud. I just recall that there was a heavy rain in the wee hours the night before, so yeah. I guess this is so parallel to what everybody is facing… perhaps we don’t have much reason to lament that Life is so unfair for us… I mean, Life does not treat everybody equally, so note to myself: just suck it up and get on with it.

So at some point I entered the Buangkok Park connector. And I remembered that at some point before that I knew I was somewhere around in Sengkang. I just came across this swimming pool cum community center (I think it is Sengkang Sports and Recreation Center) and nobody was there so I just went in to freshen myself up. And well, apparently it was kind of a ghost town… I mean who will go swimming so early on a lazy Sunday morning??? Me perhaps. But I didn’t bring along my bathing suit so no.

So due to time constraints I have to end this quickly. So maybe next time I shall post the next part of this lovely (yeah lovely) adventure when I came across an unexpected discovery… let’e keep this a hush hush for now…hehe…



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